A small collection of Digital Marketing work by Claire Sheehan – more information on clairesheehancreative.ie

Digital Marketing

 Galway Community Circus

Claire worked as a Digital Marketing Executive for Galway Community Circus from 2017 – 2019. Working on all their social media channels and working on the voice and tone for GCC, she created their instagram account and grew its following into the thousands organically. Claire built and grew this account through content creation – creating stunning visuals to promote their news, events and activities, as well as interacting and engaging with their audience. Claire was the voice on their Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, newsletters, press releases and website – working together with the creative director and the team to spread the love and heart of Galway Community Circus.

You can find this instagram account and see it’s growth since here. Claire worked on this account and made the posts from 13/02/17 – 30/06/17 and 17/04/18 – 21/12/18. In this role Claire used a combination of skills to include; writing, photography, graphic design, data analysis, communication skills, social media knowledge and more.  Through GCC’s account, Claire connected with artist’s locally and internationally to promote a collective love for the Arts and the circus community – building a relationship with artists from all walks of life and building a strong presence on social media with many age groups that still exists today. 

Claire successfully ran all Galway Community Circus’ social media channels and brand for the majority of 2017 – 2019. Successfully promoting their news, events and activities – spreading news as far as National Geographic at one stage. Please find more of Claire’s work for GCC below. 


Digital Marketing – Nüdest Foods Ltd

Claire worked together with the CEO of Nüdest Foods Ltd to find the brand’s voice amidst the start of the pandemic. She worked on data analysis, content creation, photography, videography, SEO and worked to promote and sell the brand. Claire used creativity and problem solving to promote the product and implemented a successful social media campaign which expanded brand awareness significantly.

Claire sourced influencers and collaborators and adapted to changing circumstances. Claire built an archive of content and material that were continuously used throughout the social media channels by a social media company even after Claire was no longer with Nüdest.

Please find some examples of Claire’s digital marketing work with Nüdest Foods Ltd below. 

Claire worked with Nudest Foods as creative content editor for all our social media streams from 2018-2020. Claire was excellent to work with and her innovative and creative inputs directly increased our revenue on online sales.

Communication with Claire was always easy and enjoyable. She had great ideas and created very innovative content and understood our market very well.

I would highly recommend Claire as great content editor and a real benefit to any company who had her on their team.

Fiona Keane

CEO, Nüdest Foods Ltd

Digital Marketing – ORA Architects

Claire completed work for ORA Architects to include – web design, photography, graphic design, writing, social media and wordpress and social media tuition.

Working together with the CEO, Claire built a custom made website for ORA Architects, which you can find here

Claire worked with ORA Architect’s archive of material and also created a library of new material to work with.

Claire created our website and carried out photoshoots for architectural photography of various projects while also preparing posts for our Instagram account.

While working on our website Claire listened to our ideas and managed to translate them into a beautiful and clear design. I found her extremely creative, making suggestions that improved the look and functionality of the site. She was hard-working with a very positive attitude, always focused on finding solutions and getting things done to the highest standards.

On the photoshoots she worked in a very professional manner and with fantastic results providing us with photography that truly showcases the quality of our work.

We could always count on her timely output of work and readiness to take on new tasks. Her attention to detail and commitment was outstanding while her enthusiasm and great people skills made it a pleasure to work with her.

I have no hesitation in recommending Claire to a future employer and wish her the very best in her career.

Olga Revollo

CEO, ORA Architects